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7 Stunning Garden Walkway Ideas

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7 Stunning Garden Walkway Ideas

7 Stunning Garden Walkway Ideas

Garden paths can be used in all kinds of charming ways from guiding guests to your front door to connecting different sections of your garden. Below are just 7 walkway ideas to look into.

Opt for a paved path

Many people create garden paths using stone pavers. These could extend from a patio or be a standalone feature. When it comes to paved paths, there are so many different paving designs that you can choose from. Cobblestone paths can have an olde-worlde feel. Small rectangular slabs in geometric patterns can meanwhile have a neater and cleaner feel. You could even make a path out of single large slabs end-to-end – these can make a path feel wider. Different materials can also have different effects – splash out on granite or marble for a luxury feel or opt for terracotta for a Mediterranean vibe.

Create stepping stones

Stepping stone paths can be great for placing over lawns without completely dividing the lawn into two. They can be placed in a straight line or in a winding pattern. Stepping stone paths can be a little difficult to mow around, although if small enough and planted low enough it may be possible to mow straight over them.

Go for gravel

Gravel paths are cheap to install compared to paving stones and typically don’t need as much maintenance. They also provide drainage and don’t get slippery, making them ideal for sloped gardens in rainy areas. When choosing gravel, take the time to compare different gravel types – different stone colours and textures can add different effects.

Consider a decked path

A garden path could be made from wooden decking. This could be used to link two decked areas of your garden or it could be a standalone feature. Wooden decking can be quite high maintenance but can add a lot of value. Consider the tone and material of the wood when opting for a decked path. These paths are typically raised slightly.

Add some archways

Consider adding to the visual appeal of your garden path by adding some archways overhead. These could be metal or wooden archways and you could try growing climbing plants up them. You could also add fairy lights to these archways for a magical feel.

Cross some water

If you’ve got a large pond or a river in your garden, you could add a pathway leading over it in the form of a bridge. Wooden deck paths are ideal for this as you can easily extend them into a wooden bridge or a jetty. Stone bridges are typically very expensive to build even if they’re small, but may work better with a stone path. Alternatively, you could create a decorative bridge made from stepping stones (these can be a fun feature in a shallow pond, but you may want to avoid them in a fast-flowing river!).

Build steps on sloped sections

When it comes to sloped gardens, consider adding stepped sections of path to make it easier to walk up and down. These could be paved steps or wooden decked steps. You could choose straight steps or winding steps depending on where you want to place them.

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