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Why Curtains Are Super Important For Any Home Decor

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Why Curtains Are Super Important For Any Home Decor

When it comes to deciding on the various aspects of house interiors, curtains and blinds are as important as anything else. “Curtains? I don’t care you choose,” said no responsible homeowner or stylist ever. 

There is no denying that windows are an attractive part of the house and need to be properly decorated.

You need to find the curtains that are perfect in all ways. However, shopping curtains is exciting as well as troubling. 

If you are planning to buy curtains for home improvement then you need to take into account the various factors. 

Following things need to be considered if you are looking for curtains.

Living room– This place for your home requires the utmost attention. It is the most used place in the house and also a place where you attend the guests. 

To make your living look attractive and gorgeous, you need curtains that will match with the furniture and walls. 

BedroomBedrooms require privacy and hence curtains play an important role. The intensity of light coming from outside needs to be blocked for a pleasant sleep. 

Hence dark colour curtains should be used in bedrooms.

Brief History Of Curtains

The first curtains were just beautifully decorated fabrics that were seen in homes, on the page of interior design magazines or window solution websites. 

Egyptians invented curtains in the 31st century BC. Earlier curtains were made from animal hides and were hung in place for doorways using hooks.

These ancient curtains provided warmth and privacy. After many decades man discovered the art of spinning textiles and started using more pleasant materials. 

The Greeks used curtains to divide their home into various rooms. In the  Renaissance era glass window panes with intricately designed curtains became very common. 

During the 18th and 19th century curtain designs continuously evolved and their appearance became finer and artful.

Silk was one of the most demanded and preferred fabrics for curtains in Persi, India, China and other eastern parts. However, as the textile industry developed in the 19th century, there came a revolution. 

Mass production of drapery material introduced new designs and patterns for curtains.

At present, with the introduction of window treatment solutions, the word ‘curtains’ is now equalised with the word ‘blinds.’ 

Curtains are commonly known as drapes in America as light, non lined materials that cover windows and add beauty to the room. On the other hand, blinds provide insulation and privacy.

Basically both of them are window coverings. To select the best curtains of your home, make a note of your requirements and begin the hunt.

Importance of curtains

They regulate sunlight

Direct sunlight is necessary but it can cause discomfort as well. Curtains effectively regulate the amount of sunlight entering your home. 

This means you can open the curtains when you want some natural light and close them when you feel some sort of distraction.

Maintains room temperature

By decreasing the sunlight intensity during hot days, curtains maintain the room temperature. 

Linen curtains are best known to control the temperature of rooms. As these curtains are insulated, they keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Provides elegance and aesthetics 

Interior designers stress a lot on using curtains to make your home look more stylish and attractive. 

A simple addition of curtains can complement your decor and enhance the interior of your house to a greater extent. 

Hence if you are looking to make your home more appealing, start with choosing better curtains.

Protects from dust

Even if windows are closed, small dust particles in the air can still enter the house through a small opening. 

These particles settle on the furniture and make the entire house look dirty.  If you live in a populated city then using a curtain is a must. 

Provides privacy

What is a better way to improve the privacy of your house than using curtains? One of the main reasons for people using curtains is to improve the privacy of their houses. Dark coloured and linen curtains can be used to improve privacy.

How to choose the right curtains for your home

The best way to select curtains is by listing down all that you will need for your window treatments and selecting options that best fit. 

If you are still scratching your head while selecting the right curtains, these tips might help.


You have to be very careful while taking the measurements as curtains need to be a perfect fit for the covering space. 

Take a pause and measure the height above the window or door where you would like your curtains to begin. 5-6 inches is the standard height above the frames. 

However, you can look to go even higher if you want to make your room look taller. 

If you love the classic ‘puddle look’ at the bottom, make sure you add some extra inches to the curtain’s length.

Also adding 4-8 inches to the length will give you a fuller look. This will also block any light entering from the window corners.

Colour and material

The material of the curtain should be selected depending on the desired objective and not only on how it feels or looks. 

If you are looking to counter heavy winds, you should opt for heavy fabrics. Velvet, faux silk and linen are some of the popular and best treatment fabrics.

Velvet and suede prevent heat loss and effectively fight cold. Curtain colours also play an important role. 

If it is too hot and the curtains are subjected to direct sunlight exposure, it is recommended to pick neutral colours.

Sunlight can cause the brighter hues to fade quickly.

The practicality factor

Before choosing curtains make sure you invest in something that you can manage. 

For example, if you do not prefer dry cleaning, prevent buying curtains with the tag ‘dry clean only’. Instead, go for curtains which can be easily washed in a washing machine. 


The colour, pattern and design of the aesthetics should match your room and furniture design.

This will not only blend in but also add aesthetics. Remember when you enter the room, the curtains are not the first thing you look at. 

However when you notice them, how perfectly they complement the room. That’s the effect you should go for!

The different types of curtain styles

The room you are decorating and overall style will help you decide the type of curtains that will best suit you. Take a look at the different curtain styles below.


Casual curtains are a common and popular choice in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. 

They give a not too serious and easy vibe. These curtains are rarely used in valance. They often feature in eyelet and grommet or tabletop attachments. 


These styles are popular in any room of the home. Classic curtains are often paired with additional accessories to create full window treatments.

These curtains give a timeless and classic appeal and are often seen in bohemian, classic and country styles.


These are a fresh interpretation of classic style curtains. These curtains are majorly available in shades of brown and earthy tones that are inspired by nature.

Sometimes bold and bright colours are also added to give a pop colour in a subdued space. 

Contemporary curtains feature rich texture that provides a sophisticated look that is not overly styled. 


As the name says, these depict modern styles. These curtains usually have minimal designs and incorporate eco friendly materials. While solid colours are widely popular, clean lines and bold patterns are also very popular. 

Depending on your room style, you can create a powerful design statement.

The different types of curtain materials

Curtain materials serve various purposes beyond being decorative. Thin materials can be used to create semi-sheer and sheer curtains. 

Thick and opaque materials are used for making blackout and semi-opaque curtains. 


Known for its elegance and comfort, cotton curtains are the most demanded ones. Cotton is semi-sheer, hence it allows some sunlight while providing moderate privacy. 

Cotton curtains are usually paired with other materials for creating complete window treatment. 

Cotton curtains come in varied styles and are the first choice for any room in the house. They are also easy to clean. This feature makes them more versatile.


Linen curtains are heavier than cotton. They keep an easy and casual vibe.

Linen curtains provide an additional level of privacy while letting in moderate sunlight. Linen cloth is more difficult to clean than cotton.

 It is not recommended for a dusty environment as the rough texture of linen attracts more dust. 


For you are looking for the most privacy, velvet cloth is a perfect choice. Since the cloth is very heavy, it blocks noise outside. Velvet curtains are popular for bedrooms with light sensitive sleepers. 

It also creates more effect on the windows. However, velvet needs professional cleaning as it is hard to clean. Hence, it is high on maintenance. 


Silk is a luxurious and beautiful fabric that can manufacture a broad range of curtains.

Depending on its thickness, it can let in high, medium or low levels of sunlight. Silk is difficult to clean and requires a high level of maintenance. 

Hence if you do not want to spend much in upkeeping, you might want to consider before investing in silk curtains. 


Curtains not only improve the home decor but also provide additional temperature control and privacy. Keep the curtains regularly clean as they can attract dust. 

With so many options to choose from, make sure you match them to your home interiors. 

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