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How To Maximize The Space In Your Garden


How To Maximize The Space In Your Garden

Gardens are a place where we go to enjoy, relax, and take in the fresh air. From time to time they can feel a little uncared for or small when things start to become overgrown. If you love spending time in your garden but feel it isn’t quite as spacious as you’d like, there are ways to maximize the space without extending the garden. Want to maximize your garden space? Here’s how.

Takedown the trees

Although some trees add character and privacy to the garden, they may be impacting your space and light. Taking down a tree will help you receive more natural light, which will instantly make your garden feel bigger. Companies like Sydney Tree Company can remove your tree for good, or trim it down. This way, you do not have to commit to taking away the tree forever. You may just want to open up space and add more natural light throughout the summer months when you spend more time in the garden. 

Get foldaway furniture

To create a more spacious and relaxing garden, you could add foldaway furniture. There are plenty of options that are easy to set up and put back. This means you can have a space to sit and relax as well as a space to use for other furniture when it is put away. Foldaway furniture is a great idea if you only use your garden when you have guests over. 

Grow vertical plants

If you are a keen produce grower and want to keep your plants and vegetables yet still maximize your space, you can grow your plants vertically. Plants are more than happy to grow up fences or doors, so long as you buy the right plants. You may still need a small bed from the ground up so that the plants have somewhere to begin. But, this won’t take up a lot of space. You will be able to get rid of your large flower beds and then use this space for other things, such as a seating area or activities. 

Disregard useless plants

With most gardens being full of plants, you may have a few taking up a lot of space that isn’t adding value to your garden. If you notice there are plants that are not growing to their full potential, then it may be best to disregard them. Then you will have more space to use for yourself or for valuable plants, such as vegetables.

Integrate a seating area amongst the flowerbeds

You can happily sit among the flowerbeds with the right setup. You could add stone around the beds to sit on, which is a lovely place to sit. If your garden only has enough space for one seat and some small plants, then integrated seating is a great option to maximize seating space.

For those with small gardens then utilizing these tips will allow you to maximize your outside space and enjoy it more all year round. Whether you decide to grow vertically or add foldable furniture, you can start enjoying your garden more.

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