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How To Revive A Neglected Garden


How To Revive A Neglected Garden

When not maintained, gardens can often get out of control. Weeds are likely to take over the garden, while other plants will die. Small gardens can even become impenetrable jungles if left to thrive on their own, making your garden unusable. Fortunately, no matter what state your garden is in, it can always be salvaged. Below are just a few ways to revive a neglected garden.

Trim everything back

A neglected garden is likely to be quite overgrown. Hedges and trees may be messy and grass may be so long that you can’t even run a mower over it. Your first job will need to be to cut this all back. This won’t be a fun job, but will be ultimately rewarding once all the excess foliage is cut away. To save you the work, it could be worth hiring a mowing and slashing company to do it for you.

Be wary that there could be animals living in the overgrown garden that you cannot see, which may even include nests – make sure that these are safely removed before you start trimming everything back.

Decide which plants to keep

Once you’ve cut everything back, decide which plants you want to keep. Unwanted ‘weeds’ and dead plants will need to be removed. Try to keep any plants that are unique and in good condition. You may be able to remove most plants yourself, however you should take care with larger plants including trees – these may need to be removed by an expert (plus you’ll likely need planning permission).

Find a theme

You can now start settling on a theme for your garden. You can then choose plants and decor surrounding this theme. There are all kinds of different themes you can choose from. If you’re looking for a low maintenance garden, consider getting rid of your lawn and paving the whole thing over, while growing hardy plants in pots or raised beds.

If you want a more traditional ‘green’ garden, consider designating an area for lawn and areas for flowers beds and shrubs. You could take inspiration from different places in the world such as the Mediterranean or Japan. Alternatively, you could find a colour theme such as white or red.

Fill in bare patches

While some areas may have become overgrown, other areas may be bare. If there are patches where no grass is growing at all, consider what is stopping plants from growing here. It could be a particularly shady area, or it could be because the soil quality isn’t good. If plants can’t grow in these areas, it may be best to pave them over or add other non-plant features here. Alternatively, you could look into shade-loving plants or plants that are able to grow in hard soil.

Add the finishing touches

To give your garden that magic touch, make sure to remember the small details like lighting, lawn edging and fence painting. You can also start decorating your garden with ornaments to make it feel more lived-in.

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