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Tips On Creating A Relaxing Garden Sanctuary

Garden Sanctuary


Tips On Creating A Relaxing Garden Sanctuary

With summer on the way, you will no doubt be hoping for extra time outdoors in your garden. With a good book to read in one hand and a tempting cocktail in the other, you will be able to relax in your outdoor surroundings. 

To enhance your chances of a little r&r, do what you can to make your garden more relaxing. There are a number of things you can do, so consider the following and create your very own garden sanctuary at home.

#1: Plant an array of fragrant flowers

Keep aromatherapy in mind when you decorate your garden. With a few carefully planted flowers, you will be able to surround yourself with an array of sweet and comforting aromas. Hyacinths, gardenias, and honeysuckle are just some of the flowers that smell amazing, but let your nose do the choosing when you’re visiting your local plant shop and pick from those that please you. 

#2: Create opportunities for calming sounds

If you’re living in a rural area, you will probably have the benefit of birdsong and other calming wildlife sounds. But if you’re living in a town or city, it might be that you don’t have this luxury. The sounds of traffic and people walking by might disrupt your attempts at relaxation, but it is possible to drown some of that noise out. 

You could hang wind chimes from any nearby tree branches, for example. Or you could add a water feature to your garden. The sound of running water can provoke feelings of relaxation, and the decorative aspect of the feature can prove aesthetically pleasing too. Another way to create sound is to consider our next point, so even if you’re not living in a rural area, there might still be hope for you. 

#3: Bring wildlife into your garden

There are some bugs and beasties you don’t want in your garden, for the sake of your lawn and your beautifully grown plants. But when thinking about your relaxation needs, there are those you might want to invite in. We are thinking of birds with their tuneful birdsong, butterflies with their delicate rainbow colorings, and even bumblebees with their gentle humming. 

To attract birds, simply put up a bird feeder in your garden, and consider adding a birdbath too, which will surely be appreciated on a hot summer’s day. For bees and butterflies, choose nectar-rich flowers, such as lavender and phacelia. For further ideas, check out this article on creating a wildlife garden

#4: Create a private nook

It can be difficult to relax when you’re in the full view of others, so find ways to preserve your privacy. You could do this by erecting a summer house, as you would also have shelter should the weather turn a little nasty when outdoors. A more affordable solution would be to plant bushes and shrubs around your designated area. You could also add outdoor fencing, with vines and hanging plants to make it look more attractive. 

With the stresses and strains that we sometimes face, we can all do with our very own garden sanctuary. We hope these ideas have been useful to you, but browse our website for more advice on what you might want to do with your garden. 

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