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You will learn about growing cannabis from the experts here. Many people find it difficult to grow cannabis in their home.
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How to choose cannabis seeds?

Many people choose to grow cannabis from seeds.It’s a very good way of growing cannabis as you will get a great variation of buds. Your plant will be stronger if you grow them from seeds. You can choose from a wide range of seeds in the market. Here are some tips for choosing the right kind of seed for yourself.


You should buy the seed according to the type of marijuana you want to buy. The choice of seeds will vary according to your intentions. The type of seeds you should buy depends on whether you are growing marijuana for smoking, medical reasons or as a commercial grower.


The type of seed you choose depends on the environment in which you want to grow your marijuana as well. So, buy seed depending on whether you intend to grow it indoors or outdoors.


Not all seeds are suitable for growing in a particular climate. You should choose the type of seed depending on the climate in which you are growing the plant.

Color and feature

You should choose seeds that are dark brown in color with spots and hard. You shouldn’t buy seeds that are green in color and look pale. These seeds will produce weak plants.

You can get marijuana seeds online. There are many reputable suppliers who are selling these seeds online. So, you can buy seeds that meet your personal preferences. Before you buy the seeds, make sure you learn about the different types of seeds so that you buy the right one.

How To Set Up Lights For Cannabis

Setting up lights for growing cannabis is the most difficult task. If the light is not set up properly, your plant won’t grow. Here are some tips for setting up lights for growing your cannabis.

Place same sized plants together

You should never put different sized plants under the same light. Otherwise, the plants won’t get sufficient light and they won’t grow up to the proper length.

Equal distribution of light

The distribution of light must be equal. You should use a light meter to check it. Change the location of your lamp unless you get equal distribution. If you use extra light, make sure that the temperature is not that high. Excessive heat can destroy the growing tips of the plants.

Consider horizontal and vertical reflectors

You can use either horizontal or vertical reflector. You should remember that the vertical reflectors focus light in a larger area. On the other hand, the horizontal reflector gives off more light than the vertical reflectors.

Hang both high output and low output light

You should hang a full spectrum high output HPS or LED  light on top of the plants. A blue spectrum low output light must be placed on the sides. The high output light helps to feed the plant and grow it faster. You will get thick plants by having the supplementary light on the sides. Otherwise, the plant will grow thin and tall.

You can learn more about the light setup from various books related to cannabis production. You should set up the right using the proper technique so that your cannabis can grow into a healthy plant.

How To Grow Cannabis Properly?

Cannabis is now legal in many places. So, there is no obstacle to growing cannabis in your home or indoors. If you love smoking marijuana, then it’s a good thing to start growing it in your own house. Here are some tips on how to grow cannabis properly.


Lighting is very important for growing cannabis. You should use the right lamp to grow cannabis. It is not necessary to use an expensive lamp. But you must ensure that you use the high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulb. You should make sure that your plant gets plenty of sunlight.


You should grow plants in pots that are breathable, like fabric pots. You should select pots that have drainage holes so that it can catch the run-offs. Allowing for drainage is important; otherwise, the pH will change. Bugs and molds may also appear if you leave your plant on the standing water for a long time.


The organic soil on pot will just work fine. It contains all the necessary nutrients to grow the plant. You can add artificial nutrients later as well.

You should choose a grow room for growing your cannabis. It can be a closet, tent or cabinet. Cleanliness is very important. If your environment is not clean, the cannabis won’t grow properly. Along with light, you should control the temperature and humidity of the room as well. It is very easy to grow cannabis indoors if you know the right techniques.