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5 Signs Of Drainage Problems Which Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore


5 Signs Of Drainage Problems Which Homeowners Shouldn’t Ignore

For many households, water causes several issues. Dealing with the effects of water damage can be expensive and harmful to your property. Additionally, such issues can lower your home’s worth and turn off potential buyers or tenants. One of the most effective ways of preventing water damage is identifying various drainage problems and handling them effectively. Here is a look at some drainage issues you should keep an eye out for.


Poor drainage is usually indicated by water accumulating in the house or your yard- forming puddles. For example, after a rain shower, the water should be drained from the area. However, if you notice puddles or pools of water forming after the rain, it should be dealt with promptly. You should consider contacting sewer experts for professional advice and solutions to the problem.

Overflowing gutters

Overflowing gutters are a common sign of poor drainage. Leaves and other debris clogging the drain and impeding the passage of water cause overflowing gutters. You can tell that your gutter is probably clogged just by taking a look at it.

Blocked gutters usually have peeling paint, vertical stains and leave mud streaks on the house’s exterior. If you leave your gutters clogged, it may lead to water damage issues in your home. To avoid this drainage problem, you should clean out your gutter regularly.

If the problem persists, your gutters may need to be replaced because they are inadequate or badly pitched, preventing them from performing as they should and channeling water away from the building to prevent damage.

Foundation cracks

Poor drainage causes several foundation problems, which are seen by the gradual cracks in the walls of your home. When the soil around the foundation becomes wet due to a lack of sufficient drainage, leaking shrinkage cracks develop. Due to the inadequate drainage, the earth beneath the house softens, placing strain on the foundation and causing your house to shift as the foundations deteriorate. This, in turn, leads to various fissures appearing on the walls of your home.

Water stains

When water seeps into your property’s walls or foundation, it causes water stains. Stains can emerge in various locations around your home, and the location of the stain indicates the location of a drainage problem. Water stains on the walls indicate a clogged gutter or runoff close to the foundations. This is because the foundations’ soil becomes saturated with rain and hydrostatic pressure pulls water up through the floor. This causes water stains to appear around your walls, indicating a high or fluctuating water table below your property.


Mildew on a roof’s underside is a sign of poor drainage at the ground foundation level. Mildew in the attic or on the roof is caused by warm air and moisture rising from your home’s lower levels into the attic and condensing on the roof’s underside, resulting in mildew.

Water damage is a great expense you would want to avoid as a homeowner. Therefore, with these signs in mind, you should consider taking routine checks to identify these drainage problem signs and fix them immediately.

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