Emma Gomez

A mother and lover of all things practical. My blog covers about motherhood by exploring all areas of life. Our tips and tricks help large community to do more in less time so they can spend time enjoying happy, healthy families.

backyard bliss

Backyard Bliss on a Budget

A backyard is a cost-effective investment because it extends your living space, provides a safe place for kids to play, and increases your property value. Walking or gardening in the backyard can also improve your mental and physical health. You can enjoy countless perks when you have a backyard, which is why you should prioritize…

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Got The Bathroom Blues

If you’re not happy with your bathroom, you’re not alone. Because it has to be so functional, it is one of the trickiest rooms in the home to get right. You want to make it look beautiful, but it can be hard when you have fittings and fixtures are all over the place. To make…

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Making Your Garden As Healthy As Can Be

Many gardeners work extremely hard to make their gardens and other outdoor spaces look as nice as possible. This can feel like a monumental task at times, with loads of jobs to carry out before you can achieve your outdoor dreams. Of course, though, having a garden that simply looks good doesn’t always mean that…

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5 Tips on Buying Your First Home

Deciding to buy your first home can be extremely nerve-wracking. Buying a home is always stressful, and if it’s your first time making such a large decision, it will likely feel even more intimidating. To help make the process a little easier, you need to follow the right advice. Here are five tips for buying…

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