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A mother and lover of all things practical. My blog covers about motherhood by exploring all areas of life. Our tips and tricks help large community to do more in less time so they can spend time enjoying happy, healthy families.

4 Mistakes When You Convert Your Garage

More and more homeowners are considering transforming their garage. Indeed, the garage is rapidly growing out of its former function. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to turn their garages into a craft studio, a private gym, or even a home office. However, getting your garage conversion wrong could have dramatic consequences. Below, we’ve listed the top 4…

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Preparing A Space For Renovation

Before a big renovation occurs, whether you’re converting a basement or you’re building an extension onto your kitchen, quite a bit of prep work needs to occur. And to help make sure that you’ve got everything squared away before the builders come in in the morning, we’ve got a little checklist below of the most…

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Understanding of GMOs by Kermit Highfield

Ever since the introduction of bio-engineered food or GMOs, the food industry has witnessed a continuous debate among consumer groups regarding the safety of these foods. Kermit Highfield believes that a lack of understanding regarding the genetically modified foods has caused an uproar in the food industry. What are GMOs? The genetically modified organisms (GMOs)…

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