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4 Tips to Cleaning Sliding Shower Doors



4 Tips to Cleaning Sliding Shower Doors

Meta Description: Your shower door is an essential feature of your bathroom. Cleaning shower doors doesn’t have to be a hassle.

With a little time and effort, you can get yours back to sparkle with a few cleaning supplies and easy techniques to elevate your bathroom.

If you’re like most people, cleaning shower doors isn’t exciting for you. The thing is, no matter how you feel about cleaning shower tracks, you have to do it.

Besides, one of the household chores that many people slack on is keeping their shower doors clean. 

Cleaning shower tracks are excellent for improving the aesthetic of the bathroom but, try as we might, we can’t remember to squeegee them after a shower.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to clean shower doors and tracks properly, you will end up with plenty of mineral build-up, hard-water stains, and even mildew. 

Ultimately, cleaning shower doors will turn into a chore you love to hate. Cleaning shower glass regularly can be a hassle, but with the right supplies and information, the process isn’t complicated.

If you follow the tips we’ll provide below, cleaning shower stalls will turn into a walk in the park. 

Supplies You Will Need For Cleaning Shower Doors:

– Bleach, vinegar, or baking soda

– Sponges

– Cleaning rag

– A small brush or an old toothbrush

– Two buckets

– Cleaner

– A squeegee 

– A spray bottle

 Prepare for the Process

Before you begin to get your shower doors clean with bleach or any other cleaning liquid, you need to choose the cleaning agent of your choice.

Some people prefer to use bleach, while others select vinegar, baking soda, or a different cleaning shower door product. 

If you decide to use commercial solutions for the cleaning shower glass, you should protect yourself accordingly, as many of them contain dangerous chemicals whose fumes can cause respiratory issues, headaches, or severe allergic reactions. 

Change into old clothes that you don’t mind getting damaged by bleach. Cleaning shower tracks shouldn’t be a damaging task.

Your clothes will also serve to protect your body from any contact with chemicals. 

Ensure that you have your gloves on then proceed to fill up one of your buckets with clean water. The other one should contain some cleaner, so ensure you’ve mixed it up carefully. 

If you prefer to use homemade solutions, there are many items you can find in your kitchen to help with your shower doors DIY clean process.

Things such as vinegar and regular baking soda are great for cleaning shower spaces. 

How to Prepare Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Vinegar Solution:

In a glass container, pour one cup of white vinegar. For better results on cleaning shower tracks, warm up the vinegar in your microwave then mix in equal parts of regular dish soap. 

Baking Soda Solution:

Pour half a cup of baking soda into a large measuring cup and add a little water to make a paste.

Baking soda solution is one of the most popular shower doors clean ideals because it gets rid of bad smells in the bathroom.

Such cleaning methods can also be useful in the gym, for example, for disinfecting the best equipment for sports, which you can learn about at the gym expert.

Get Some Ventilation

Before you start cleaning shower doors with any chemicals, bleach, or a home-based solution, make sure the bathroom has enough ventilation so that you don’t breathe in any bleach or chemicals that can cause health issues.

Get into the Shower and Spray

Once you’ve ensure your safety, it’s time to start cleaning shower doors. Scrub down the inside and the outside of the door using a sponge and solution of your choice.

Some people find it easier to put the solution into a spray bottle when cleaning high shower doors. 

If you don’t have a sponge, an old rag will help in cleaning shower glass just as well, so ensure you scrub down all the scum on your shower door.

Once you’re done cleaning shower doors, it’s time to work with an old toothbrush. 

One of the best tips on how to clean shower doors is using a toothbrush for cleaning shower door tracks. You will need minimal effort to do this, and the soap scum will come off quickly. 

 Rinse Your Door and Keep It Clean

Get the bucket of clean water and use it to rinse off after cleaning shower stalls. Once cleaned, get a dry rag and wipe off any excess water to help your shower door to dry.

Shower doors clean tips like the ones provided above need constant repetition. Even though cleaning shower doors isn’t a regular job, you can wipe down your doors to keep off the scum from building up. 


Cleaning shower tracks and doors will reflect the look on the rest of your bathroom. With very little time and effort, you can transform your door into the sparkling fixture that it should be.

What’s your go-to process for cleaning shower doors? Do you have any hacks for the best cleaning shower experiences? Please share your cleaning shower hacks with us.

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