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4 Ways to Keep Composite Deck Neat and Shining



4 Ways to Keep Composite Deck Neat and Shining

Whether it’s a composite deck, wooden, or plastic, decking is a great way to extend your home.

Serving as a nice, relaxing outdoor space, you can relish the soft weathers during mornings and evenings. 

So, to indulge in the long-lasting results of a deck, you should ensure that it’s properly cleaned and maintained from time to time.

Usually, maintaining a composite deck does not require much effort as it won’t splinter and doesn’t retain water. However, it doesn’t mean that it will not require your love occasionally. 

But the good thing is composite decking requires minimal effort and it’s perfect for the homeowners who have less time to spare for the cleaning.

To introduce you to those ideas, we have collected here a few ways where you can maintain your deck neat and shining:

Cleaning off the dirt

Any kind of deck surface will develop a thin layer of dust overtime. Along with it, you might also see the debris, bird poo and feathers, etc.

If you ignore it even for two to three days, the surface becomes so dirty that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a nice relaxing outdoor experience. 

All the waste accumulated will lead to the staining on the deck which looks unsightly, and also it promotes the growth of mould.

Once this growth starts, cleaning becomes harder to deal with. So, always ensure you are sweeping the floor daily to remove the visible dirt and other particles.

Occasionally, you can mop the floor using soapy water and soft-bristled brush to remove the stuck up dirt.

Some professionals even suggest using purpose-designed composite cleaners but it’s not necessary if you regularly clean the surfaces of your deck.

Removing surface stains

Wooden surfaces, whether it’s composite or normal, tend to absorb stains faster as the surface is porous. More the stain is absorbed, harder it becomes to remove it.

For instance, wine and other food or liquid stains must be cleaned immediately with warm water and brush. 

Usually, if you have a timber deck, it’s easy to remove stains but as you have a composite deck, you should take extra care not to spill drinks or other stuff on the surface. 

If you have spot stain that’s been on the surface for a long time, try cleaning it with soap water first.

If you don’t it vanishing, that means the stain has gone to the deeper layers which are quite difficult to remove.

However, if they are greasy stains, you can use degreasing agents.

Dealing with mould and mildew

In the case of mould and mildew, taking prevention is better than cure.

Many of the homeowners see that if they don’t regularly clean the deck, the surface becomes stained with fungus, mould, and other organisms, leading to the damage of the property.

So, to avoid it, ensure that the surface is not in constant exposure to dampness. Inspect the surface from time to time and clean spills and other stains as early as possible. 

But let’s say you already have the mould’s presence on the surface.

Here’s what you can do to remove it: consult professionals about the expert treatments like composite deck wash or ask them about composite deck cleaner solutions.

In most of the cases, you can remove the stains by using these solutions.

Also, don’t tempt to use bleach and water to clean the mould as it can fade the colour of your deck leading to the uneven colour surface.

Avoid water retention on the surface

If you read till here, you will know how water retention is an enemy to the deck’s surface.

Make sure that your deck is always dry, especially in winter and humid seasons.

Composite decking is typically resistant to the severe climatic conditions, but it doesn’t mean that it’s completely tolerant.

So, ensure that you are not leaving water puddles that further aid to the growth of mould. 

Care you should take before installing the composite deck

  • Positioning the panels correctly

The composite deck consists of panels arranged in an orderly fashion. During the time of installation, ensure that the installers are lining them perfectly.

It should slightly incline so that the water can flow outwards. 

Also, composite material is flexible than the standard timber wood. So, if the experts are not taking care of them during installation, they will be more susceptible to bending and buckling.

  • Ventilating the underside of your deck

Make sure the deck and the ground surface have a minimum of 6 inches gap in between.

This gap ensures the right air circulation and always keeps the surface dry. This feature becomes more helpful in winter and other humid seasons. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to maintain a clean composite deck. When you think about the timber vs. composite deck, cleaning a composite one is easy with a bit of regular cleaning.

Also, take extra care while installing the panels so that you can enjoy a clean and shining deck in all the seasons.

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