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5 Brilliant DIY Ideas How to Create a Playground for Children in the Garden



5 Brilliant DIY Ideas How to Create a Playground for Children in the Garden

Description: A buzz of activity and excited cries all around! You must be in a children’s playground! It is the place where kids spend most of their time outdoors.

Here are a few ideas to create such space in the backyard of your houseA playground at your backyard acts as a safety valve for their boundless energy and also enables them to feel nature.

Fun activities like outdoor gym and wall climbing help children to develop muscles and also hone up their motor skills. 

How to Build a Children’s Playground

You can build your children’s playground out of inexpensive materials that you can either buy at a discount store or a second’s sale or salvage from the discarded things lying at your home.

If you have some basic carpenter skills then nothing like it. You could even consider taking ideas from home maker guides at Otherwise, you can get some outside help. 

You would need some basic tools like 6-inch nails, hammer, power drill, measuring tapes, etc., all of which are available in the nearest home depot store.

Wooden boards can be hammered together to build the basic structure of the playhouse.

There are a variety of options for children’s playground floor covering. You should keep in mind that it should be stable to support the equipment, and also be soft enough to prevent injuries.

A natural lawn in the garden is a good option or you can opt for artificial turf. Kids would also love soft rubber mulch.

How to Design a Children’s Playground

Designing a children’s playground requires a fertile imaginationFirst of all, collect your thoughts on a piece of paper. Then you can either draw sketches or design on your computer.

In a playground, the children’s play revolves around the following themes:

  1. Active play like running, jumping, climbing, etc.
  2. Sensory play like touching, feeling objects, etc.
  3. Creative play like role-playing in a treehouse, splashing with water in a toy carwash, etc.

A multiuse play area with various small size sports equipment like basketball net, volleyball court can be planned.

Children’s Playground Accessories

Most children’s playground has the following accessories-a slide, swing, monkey bars, merry-go-round, sandpit, and see-saw. They are brightly colored in shades like blue, green, and red.

Slides can be a simple straight one or a spiral one or a tunnel type. Parents prefer a tunnel-type one because they don’t have any sharp edges. Monkey bars help the kids to develop the upper body strength.

The playhouses, slides, etc. are usually made of plastic and have smooth surfaces.

Instead of the usual steps to access the playhouse, you can also put a sliding platform with small steps etched on them to help in climbing.

Children’s playground backyard

Nowadays, children spend most of their time outdoors in the backyard. So building a playground for them is very important for their mental and physical growth. We will describe how to build a playground that will be popular with kids.

First, you need to build a clubhouse, or if you have a tree, a tree-house that can be accessed by ladders. A slide down can be attached, ending in a sandpit. A climbing wall can be erected on the sides.

You can make a music wall on the fence by attaching pots, pans, or anything that can make a sound.

We will now describe 5 brilliant DIY ideas on how to build a playground for children in the garden:

  1. Swings. Swinging is a play-activity which kids of all ages love. It is very easy to set up and the materials required are steel rods, a wooden or steel board, and steel chains. It helps to rev up your child’s motor activity and also develops a sense of balance. If you have a tree in your garden, you can easily tie ropes and create a natural swing.
  2. Climbing. Children’s playground climbing equipment consists of either a climbing rope or a climbing wall. The rope can be attached to the limbs of a tree in your garden. It must have foot supports to help the little ones climb. Climbing walls are also very popular with children. They can be attached to the sides of the fence and help in upper body conditioning.
  3. Children’s playground garden. A children’s playground garden is very important for their physical health and mental well being. It can be decorated with toys. A disused tire hanging by a rope attached to the branch of a tree can be a great source of fun for kids. The ground should be covered with protective mats. Children love theme playhouses like a pirate’s den or a treehouse.
  4. Children’s playground trampoline. Kids just love to jump on a trampoline. Lots of stunts can be performed like turning somersaults. With the trampoline as support, other games can also be played like hanging by a rope or ball games. Children burn off their energy on trampolines and give their parents some breathing space.
  5. Children’s playground rope bridge. Rope bridges help children to go from one platform to another. They have to use their balance as well as their motor skills. Thick ropes are connected on the sides for the kids to hold on to. Wooden planks are joined to make the floor of the bridge. On a windy day when the bridge sways from side to side, it is great excitement for kids to cross over.

It is summertime now. The kids would be spending a lot of time outdoors. Children’s playground is significant for the mental and physical development of kids.

Nature is the natural playground for children-so to keep things as natural as possible. 

If you have a flower garden, you can keep some chairs and put a sunshade so that the kids can sit and reflect and dream.

Remember that kids are dreamers and see wonders in small everyday things. So create the playground accordingly.

What aspect do you like best in your kid’s playground? You can share it with us in the comments below.


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