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Title: Tips and Tricks for an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Routine



Title: Tips and Tricks for an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Routine

If you are a foodie, you probably love to spend a lot of your time in your kitchen cooking up some delicious dishes.

As simple as your dish may be, you will not get out of having to clean your kitchen afterward.

However, you will want to make sure that your cleaning routine is safe for your health, your family’s well being, and the environment. 

Many cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals that could harm your personal well being and the environment.

To avoid these chemical-filled products, try a few eco-friendly cleaning hacks! The best part: You likely have some of the ingredients needed already at home.

Just take a look at your pantry and you’ll probably find baking soda, distilled vinegar, or lemons which are all great ingredients to mix your own cleaning products.

Advantages of switching to eco-friendly cleaning

Switching from hazardous, chemical-filled cleaning products to more natural homemade products has many advantages.

Especially now that many of us are spending more time at home because of the pandemic, it can be fun to mix your own cleaners and experiment with different ingredients.

You can make good use of your new-found free time and save a ton of money switching to homemade cleaners.

Another undeniable benefit is that when you make your own cleaners at home, you know exactly what is going into your product.

You’ll never have to worry about any hidden chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fragrances that can cause allergic reactions or affect your long term health.

Switching to a homemade cleaner will also help the environment by releasing less chemicals into the air.

You might not be able to eliminate the milder chemicals that will be needed for deep cleaning tough stains (like hydrogen peroxide), but you can decrease your chemical use significantly by sticking to a green cleaning routine. 

Since you won’t have to buy a different cleaning product for every single item in your kitchen, you can save valuable cabinet space.

And another handy trick: kitchen cleaners that are homemade usually last longer than the store-bought versions!

Easy and environmentally friendly cleaning hacks

You may be asking yourself “How can I be sure that homemade cleaning products will be just as effective as the ones I buy at the store?”

The best way to find out is to try it for yourself! Here are a few green cleaning hacks that should change your mind and your life!

DIY all-purpose cleaner

This easy all-purpose cleaner is perfect to wipe down your kitchen counters, cabinets, and dining table. Grab a spray bottle and fill it halfway with lemon peels.

Then add equal parts water and vinegar. Let this mixture sit for about two weeks so the lemon peel can infuse into the liquid.

After 14 days, strain the peels and pour the solution back into the spray bottle. This DIY cleaner will certainly change the way you feel about cleaning products!

How to clean your garbage disposal

A garbage disposal can quickly start smelling bad, especially when you’ve clogged your drain. To prevent this from happening, all you need are ice cubes and lemons.

Shove a few handfuls of ice cubes down the drain and then turn your water on. It’s important to use cold water for this! Then turn the garbage disposal on and let it run for a while.

If your drain is clogged, dirty water may swell up for a bit but no worries — it will all flush down again!

Once the water is draining, throw a few lemon wedges into the running garbage disposal to help with the smell. Leave the water running until the disposal is off to avoid any damage.

You can repeat this routine every two weeks to ensure that your garbage disposal works perfectly and always smells fresh.

Refresh you microwave

Whether it’s tomato sauce stains from reheating dinner or butter grease that leaked out of the popcorn bag from your last movie night — a microwave can get really dirty really fast.

Instead of violently scrubbing this appliance with harsh chemicals, you can use two natural ingredients to return your microwave to its original state: water and lemons. 

Simply fill a small bowl with water. Slice open a lemon, squeeze the juice into the bowl with water and toss the squeezed lemon halves into the bowl as well.

Then place the bowl in the microwave and run it on high for three minutes (if your microwave is really dirty, you can also run it for five).

After it’s done, let it sit with the doors closed for about five more minutes. Take the bowl out and wipe the inside of the microwave down with a damp cloth.

The steam helps loosen up grime and the lemon oils will disinfect the microwave (and leave an amazing smell).

If you are looking for more hacks to switch to an eco-friendly cleaning routing, check out the visual below.

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