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 11 Enticing Colour Themes for Renovating your Bathroom

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 11 Enticing Colour Themes for Renovating your Bathroom

Choosing a colour theme for your bathroom may not be as much difficult as for the rest of the home.

Most of the people stick to simple colour themes for the bathrooms or many times neglect the theme for this space. But if you are renovating your home with a whole new theme, why leave the bathroom? 

Bathrooms are your day starting places where you perform morning routines like brushing, bathing, etc. When it comes to designing these places there are limitless imaginations to work on.

Colours in bathrooms need to be enticing too as here you refresh yourself and a pleasing colour theme will lighten your mood.

So, if you are deciding to change your bathroom colour theme, here are some suggestions:

Cherry red and white combination

Installing red wall tiles in glossy shine will add spunk to your white coloured bathroom. You can add red bath mats to give it a more aesthetic look. This theme looks great and gives your plain bathroom a bright look.

Mint and white

If you have a tiny bathroom, this colour scheme would be best suited. Cheerful mint colour combined with fresh white is perfect for small bathrooms where every square inch matters.

You can use encompassing wallpaper printed in this colour theme with flanking sconces that creates an illusion of larger space.

This breaks the solidarity of walls to make the space feel larger. You can choose other designs in the same theme as they make your small bathroom look bigger.

Coastal blue and white

This colour combination will give you an oceanic look. A fresh and bright bathroom decorated with coastal blue and white tiles give a mosaic look.

If you add a bathtub with this colour theme, it gives you a spa-like space to feel relaxed.

Black and white

This is one of the classic colour combinations for any bathroom style. Whether your bathroom is tradition or modern, black and white are the colours for every type of perfection.

It would look good by adding counter tops in white marble and paint walls in black or by mixing both colours. 

On the other hand, you can also add chess box styled black and white tiles on the floor with totally white walls. It also gives your bathroom a more traditional look.

Grey-blue and white theme

This colour theme is best if you like plain lighter colours in the bathroom. You can contrast some brass look ornaments like a mirror frame to give a warm-up look in the dull grey-blue colour theme.

This will look amazing. Also a touch of dark coloured flora brings life to your bathroom.

Lavender and white

A wallpaper with sleek, contemporary lines in lavender colour looks great in a modern bathroom.

This scheme gives your space a sweeter and retro feel. Keep the opposite wall plain white or plain lavender keeping in mind the important architectural details.

Also add a plenty of visual interest to give your bathroom a great look.

Chocolate and cream

With these colours may the first thing that comes in your mind is ice cream sandwich. But here we’re not talking about any components like this.

Rich tones of chocolate brown can make any space look luxurious and cosy. Break both the colours to make a geometrical pattern for closets and keep the floor tiles in cream colour only.

You can apply the same pattern on wallpaper but then the closets in one plain colour should look good.

Turquoise and gold

This is another bathroom theme that gives you a fairy-tale look and feel. Sometimes it looks great to add one dominant colour like turquoise with white.

Paint the mirror frames and closet handlers in golden colour to give the perfect fairy-tale theme. You can also add one opposite colour like pink in this theme to enhance the look and feel. 

Brick red with forest green

The rustic colour of bricks combined with earthly tone of forest green can give your bathroom a farmhouse like look. You can add tiles in brick red colour and doors in green to embrace this look.

Also, light green coloured curtains give the perfect combination match. Else, you can also add pot with green lush small plants.

Cream and golden metallic

Cream and golden colours are epitome of luxury. Golden metallic theme is perfect for decorations in a cream floored bathroom.

Metallic colour should be used to keep the work best for individually slim profiles, so it will not look gaudy in any way.

Rest of the area and countertops of washbasins must be in cream white colour so make it a simple but luxurious look-like bathroom.

Warm grey colours

Varying tones of the same colours make your space look unique. A warm grey colour theme is perfect for this kind of shading in bathroom space.

The depth and visuals of the colour from light to dark make your space cohesive and soothing. Plus, plenty of reflective surfaces look sombre. 

So, hopefully now you have good stuff to decide what colour theme will look great while doing your next bathroom renovations.

Whatever colour scheme you choose make sure it also matches with the rest of the home design and tone to not look odd.

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