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Understanding of GMOs by Kermit Highfield



Understanding of GMOs by Kermit Highfield

Ever since the introduction of bio-engineered food or GMOs, the food industry has witnessed a continuous debate among consumer groups regarding the safety of these foods.

Kermit Highfield believes that a lack of understanding regarding the genetically modified foods has caused an uproar in the food industry.

What are GMOs?

The genetically modified organisms (GMOs) consist of a gene or DNA segment from another species. A targeted gene responsible for imparting a desired trait such as disease resistance, high protein content, longer shelf life etc. is isolated using various tools in a laboratory. This gene is then inserted into the recipient plant which is now called a genetically modified organism.

Purpose of GMOs

The plants have been bred naturally for hundreds of years. The process of natural breeding is time consuming, and it may take years for a plant to produce a superior progeny.

To speed up the process of crop improvement, scientists have discovered many tools and techniques.

The goal of genetically altering a species’ is essentially to introduce characteristics that would result in plants with higher yields, high nutritional value, and other beneficial traits.


Even though some consumers believe that bio-engineered foods are produced unnaturally, it must be understood that natural breeding methods also result in mixing of genes within the same species.

All the genes are made up of the same constituents, the only difference is the sequence which is unique for every gene. As for the safety of GMOs, Kermit Highfield Louisville KY states that there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude their harmful effects on human health.

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