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Great Gift Ideas for First Time Homeowners

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Great Gift Ideas for First Time Homeowners

Great Gift Ideas for First Time Homeowners

Buying a home is a huge milestone, especially since fewer and fewer people can do it in recent years.  First-time homeowners are taking big steps towards the next portion of their lives, which deserves to be celebrated!

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for a friend who recently bought one of the best Whistler homes for sale: here are the top items you should consider!

A Tool Kit

If there’s one thing that’s a huge difference between renting and owning a home: it’s that all repairs have to be funded by, or completed by, the homeowners.  This includes everything from minor leaks to ceiling fans that need to be replaced: which means a tool kit is a perfect gift.  Ensure that every item is of good quality and not just cute to look at.  The equipment doesn’t have to be extensive; a good screwdriver and hammer set can be all they need.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tools

If they’ve only lived in apartments, chances are the new homeowner doesn’t have any experience with lawn work.  A poorly maintained lawn could mean trouble and fines from the HOA and an influx of insects and bugs that wasn’t there before. Of course, the most expensive item is the lawnmower, but you don’t have to buy this to be helpful!  Instead, you could purchase less expensive items like hedge-clippers or weed whackers.

Kitchen Goods and Appliances

Buying a home means they’ll more than likely have more houses than they’re used to having.  This means more cabinet and counter space for fun kitchen goods.  The things every home needs don’t change that much.  Consider purchasing a toaster, a rice cooker, or some other gadget that’s fun to use and infinitely useful.  If they work from home, and their office is far from the kitchen, consider getting them a mini-fridge as a gift!

Checks Towards Specific Bills

Although money is often seen as an impersonal gift, new homeowners have many expenses on their hands! So consider gifting homeowners with a check written to the amount they’ll need to cover a bill or two.  This way, it’s still a targeted gift that’s been thought through and offers the homeowners more than an item they’ll use once then forget about.

A Fence for Future Pets

Do the new homeowners have a dog or are they planning on having dogs soon?  Do they have kids at an age where they’re more likely to run around and cause trouble? Then, consider buying them a privacy fence.  This is a large gift and can cost a lot of money, so it’s a good idea to save this for new homeowners who are family or that you care a lot about.  The new fence will help protect their home while also keeping whatever fun-loving animals or children live there within the yard.  

New homeowners have a lot of stress on their plates, so it’s extremely nice to consider getting them something that will help their new house feel more like home.

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