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There is no substitute for a sturdy and stylish roof. It makes up a large portion of the home’s visible exterior and protects the entire structure from the elements.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a roof style for your home, so it’s a decision worth making time for research and planning.

Here’s some advice if you’re in the market for a new roof.

1. Think About Immediate and Long-Term Costs

It’s easy to fixate on upfront installation costs of a home modification or construction project and lose sight of the long-term implications.

While some cheaper options, such as asphalt shingle, may provide solid value for many years, you need to think about all the costs associated with your roof.

If you plan on staying in the house for a long time, a roof that needs minimal maintenance and boasts a healthy lifespan — such as a metal roof, which lasts 50 or more years — may be a better choice.

2. Discuss Options with Experts

Homeowners should consider dozens of factors when making a style decision about their roof.

Talking to a roofing company and learning from seasoned professionals can make the process easier.

Even a brief conversation can provide essential insight for those unfamiliar with the subject.

Roofing experts can also point potential clients toward examples of different styles and explain how they can be implemented for their house.

3. Look at Models and Samples

Samples can only go so far in helping homeowners visualize how different colors, materials and styles would look on their home.

However, modern software solutions allow for advanced and detailed exterior models that create a clear and accurate representation of various roof types.

You can also download apps that show how a particular roof will look on your home.

Prospective buyers should also take some time to travel around a few neighborhoods to see some of their options in action.

4. Consider Local Weather and Climate

Picking a roof that matches the siding, shutters and other exterior features is certainly important and can have a significant impact on the home’s appeal.

However, a roof that can’t withstand temperature or weather is bound to be a poor investment.

Drainage needs, potential for physical impact and exposure to extreme temperatures are all major factors when selecting a roof style.

Roofing experts can help their clients identify and account for these factors during the decision-making process.

It’s easy to forget about the roof over your head until it’s time to fix or replace it.

While there’s no single best style or material for a domestic roof, you should explore your options and calculate the short and long-term costs before making a final selection.

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