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9 Easy to Maintain Flowers to Bring Color Into Your Home



9 Easy to Maintain Flowers to Bring Color Into Your Home

Indoor flowers are a great way to spruce up your home. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom, there is always room for more color! 

However, it can be hard to find flowers that will give you that desired pop, without having to spend too much time with maintenance. Fortunately, there are many flowers that require little maintenance and thrive for years to come.

Below you will find some of the most beautiful indoor flowers that are easy to maintain.

#1 Hydrangeas 

Hydrangeas are a great way to create a stunning display in your home. They come in an array of bright colors, which makes them easy to match with your decor. Hydrangeas require light with access to a little shade and are pretty resilient.

#2 Cyclamen 

Cyclamen are well known for their heart-shaped leaves which sit beneath white, red, lilac, or pink blooms. Keep them lightly moist and in bright light, and you can expect to see them blooming for months. 

#3 Phalenopsis Orchid 

Phalenopsis orchids are one of the longest blooming orchids in the family and offer beautiful flowers in blue, green, orange, red, pink, and white. They only require a little water once a week and indirect light, which if satisfied, they can bloom in any season, with minimal care

#4 Amaryllis

Amaryllis bloom very quickly from Amaryllis Flower Bulbs and only require a little light and moist soil. They offer a stunning bloom in red, white, pink, apricot, burgundy, and rose. Amaryllis tend to last for a long time and if they do die, unlike other plants, they can rebloom. 

#5 African Violet 

African violets are timeless. They come in gorgeous shades of white, purple and pink and are known to continuously bloom, meaning you could have your African violet for decades! Maintenance requires slightly moist soil and indirect light. 

#6 Hibiscus 

Hibiscus flowers only require little maintenance (leave in bright light and soil moist) and you will be gifted with their stunning bloom from spring to fall for several years to come. Flowers can grow quite large, sometimes measuring up to 18cm wide but with beautiful colors including yellow, purple, orange, peach, red, and pink. 

#7 Cape primrose 

Cape primrose is known to last for years. With just bright light and dry soil between waterings, you can guarantee beautiful red, purple or white flowers. 

#8 Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa is a tropical plant that produces waxy, star-shaped buds which are not only beautiful in color, but also unique. They can endure any climate, including low light, making them super easy to grow indoors.

#9 Anthurium 

Anthurium is a gorgeous, heart-shaped plant that blooms all year round. They are easy to maintain, only requiring indirect light and moist soil, and produce vibrant colors such as red, pink, purple, or white.

There are a variety of indoor plants that you can choose from, that bring lasting color into your home. It can, however, be tricky if you don’t buy a plant that is easy to maintain. These 9 plants are so easy, you can guarantee beautiful blooms all year round. 

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