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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home


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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

When you list your home for sale, you expect that offers to start flooding in. Some are even hoping for a bidding war to start and to make as much off selling their home as possible.

Some home sellers get distraught when they hear they need to make improvements to grab the buyer’s attention.

Even more when an agent tells them that they will have to drop the list price or make improvements to get interested from any buyers at all.

Most home sellers don’t realize that if their home has any of these red flags that it may make it nearly impossible to sell! 

These 3 red flags can make it hard to find a buyer for your home! Knowing is half the battle and make it easier to sell your home when you are ready to list 

Bad Bones

The bones of a house are the foundation, walls and roof of a home. If a home has ‘bad bones’ it can scare away a lot of sellers.

Issues with any of the ‘bones’ of a home can cost thousands of dollars to repair and fix! The hefty price tag for any of these repairs can scare away buyers so they are wary of any of the warning signs. 

Make sure you home don’t have any of the warning signs of major repairs for potential home buyers!

If your home has wall cracks, cracks in the floor, or doors that won’t close, it may be a sign of a bad foundation.

Homes settle and shift many times a year, but a bad foundation poses huge risks for families who live in them.

Foundation issues can actually cause walls in a hoe to separate from the ceiling! If your home has these warning signs, call a professional and get an inspection of your foundation.

They can provide a quote to improve the foundation and give a status update on the current state of your home’s foundation.

Leaky Roofs can cause a lot of problems for buyers as well. Bad roofs can cause water and mold damage in a home. A bad roof can also cause structural, and electrical problems to a home as well.

Roofs should be regularly maintained and inspected after heavy storms o ensure that there is no damage. Most roofs are designed to replaced and updated every 10 years or so.

If your roof is old, worn or losing shingles you may need to replace it in order to attract buyers to your home.

 Hard money lenders suggest that If your home is showing signs of a bad roof, foundation or walls, contact a professional.

You can get estimates of repairs, or make the improvements they suggest to sell your home quickly.

Water and Mold

Water and mold can scare away any potential buyer from a home. Water and mold can destroy anything in a home, including walls, foundations, and floors.

Buyers are vigilant to find signs of water damage, and your home should have no signs of any, and easily pass inspection for any of these warning signs!

 While the source of water and mold damage can be hard to find, the signs can be easy to spot.

Discolored rings on ceilings and other surfaces are good to look for, and a sniff test can easily pick up musty basements!

Homeowners are often surprised to cut into a wall and discovering mold. Oftentimes water damage may be harder to find, such as leaky pipes in walls slowly eating away on inside walls or floors.

You can test for this with a mold kit, or listen for the pipes after running water to hear if there are any leaks.

If you discover water and mold damage, don’t panic! Water and mold damage can be repaired!

Here is how to take care of water and mold damage:

First, Find the cause of the water damage and repair it (leaky roof or pipes for example).

Remove any excess water form the area, and remove the damaged materials and replace them. Once completely dry, you can replace and repair the material!

Removing water and mold damage from your home will put potential buyers at ease!

Outdated Home

Having an outdated home can be a huge turnoff to buyers. Homes with shag carpets, dingy paint, and poor lighting will have a hard time selling.

Thankfully making a few repairs will make it easy to refresh your home and have more buyers looking at your home.

House flippers using hard money loans suggest adding the following to any home:

  •       New Paint: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to the exterior and interior of any home. Neutral colors will make your home more appealing, such as gray, white, or tan. Paint is a great way to modernize any room and make it more appealing to home buyers!
  •       Lots of Light:  Crisp white light will make any home feel fresh and modern, and an easy way to brighten any space. Daylight bulbs offer a crisp brightness to any room and make a room feel less dingy with its brighter light. Some homes might require new windows to take advantage of bright light available.
  •       Curb Appeal: Homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an average of 7% more than other homes. With a fast power wash, smart landscaping, and some pops of colors, you can easily boost your curb appeal in an afternoon. This makes it easy to improve your home value and appearance with minimal effort and cost!

These easy repairs make it to refresh your home without a renovation. When selling a home, it is important o make sure that your home is attractive to potential buyers and regularly maintained.


Looking to make the most money for your home? Make sure your home doesn’t have any red flags that scare away buyers! Avoid any of the red flags, and work with a great realtor, to sell your home for the highest amounts!

  • Foundation: Wall and floor cracks can be warning signs of a bigger foundation problem. Make sure that your foundation is in great shape before you list your home for sale, and repair any wall or foundation issues.
  • Water and Mold:  Thoroughly inspect your home for discolored rings, musty smells, or listen for drops or leaks from pipes. If you have to make water or mold damage it is always best to contact a professional!
  • Outdated Home: Shag carpets and wood panel walls can make your home hard to sell. Make sure your home is modernized to attract home buyers. A fresh coat of paint, bright lights, and a freshly landscaped yard can greatly improve the appearance of your home!
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