What Makes Cucumbers Bitter?

Depending on the weather and climate in your area, your cucumbers may be bitter or sweet. This is normal and will not cause you any problems. However, if you live in an area that is not well suited for growing cucumbers, then you may want to consider growing other types of vegetables instead. Cucurbitacins Having…

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Potato flower

Potato Flower Harvesting

During the potato flower harvesting process, you will need to keep the vines from getting too hot and sunburnt. You can do this by mounding the soil around the vines, and ensuring that they don’t come into contact with direct sunlight. You may also need to protect the seed tubers from sunlight and solanine. Early…

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coffee grounds 1

What Plants Like Coffee Grounds?

Whether you’re planting in your garden or keeping plants inside your home, you need to know what plants like coffee grounds. There are many different kinds of plants, and you want to be sure to choose ones that will grow well in your environment. Commonly Grown Plants Generally speaking, coffee grounds are a great source…

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Types of Philodendron

Several types of philodendrons can be found in nature. These plants are large flowering plants that belong to the family Araceae. The plants are classified into two categories: the heartleaf and the split leaf types. The split leaf types are the most popular and are easy to grow. Heartleaf Philodendron Originally from tropical regions of…

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