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How Plumbers Fix Blocked Drains



How Plumbers Fix Blocked Drains

You will notice many technicians create useful devices that can make anyone curious. It is no rocket science to know plumbers have been using many tools to clean blocked drains and sewers cleared fast.

Various questions may have run through your mind to figure out what are the tools used by the plumbers to solve any plumbing issues.

Licensed and emergency plumbers have the right tools and instruments to clear any kind of drain blockage.

They generally adhere to all safety guidelines and they also advise you on how to maintain the water level and the bathroom accessories.

Baking soda is the common name and sodium bicarbonate is the chemical name which some of you might know. Vinegar which is used in making recipes is acetic acid in the diluted form.

This neutralization reaction is what we see as the white lava formation along with the evolution of carbon dioxide. As the reaction takes place it results in  blocked drains and sewers cleared fast .

If you want blocked drains and sewers cleared fast then you must use simple but highly effective homemade drain cleaners.

The following is the list of tools used by trained plumbers so that you can gain knowledge to ensure the safety of your homes



Plumbers have to examine the dangerous pipelines, so they need to make sure their eyes are protected. Eyes are a very delicate part of the human body.

Also, a plumber cannot take a chance when it comes to safety. Eye-protection googles make sure a professional plumber who cleans blocked drains and sewers cleared fast do not face any issue. Therefore, goggles need to wear while fixing any leak and soldering.


  • Tubing cutter


Plumbers cannot correctly cut the tubes without a tube cutter to clean blocked drains and sewers cleared fast, which is why tube cutter is a plumber’s first choice.

A plumber should have a proper cutter to deal with any issue. It would be silly to say one does not have to deal with pipes and tubes while plumbing. It has a jaw to create a grip around the pipe and then cut it accordingly. 


  • The drain cleaner 


Plumbers used to clean blocked drains with traditional methods, thanks to the advancement of technology; many are turning toward the latest tools and innovative devices.

It is the reason why a cordless drain cleaner is an essential tool when a plumber is cleaning blocked drains, and sewers cleared fast. 

The cordless cleaner is trending not because it is famous, but it makes make things easy. It is an ideal option, which can dig about 50 feet inside the pipes.


  • Tape for thread sealing


Without a thread sealing tape, the pipes in your home will remain damaged. The plumber makes sure this tape will prevent leakage of water.

There are different colors of the tape that the plumbers work with, including pink, green , gray and copper colors. They are used as anti-sealing and anti-corrosion varieties.


  • Hacksaw


You will be surprised to know how much functions a hacksaw can do. It is inappropriate to say hacksaws are associated with carpenters only.

Plumbers use a hacksaw for cutting pipes, screws, bolts, and so on. It should come off as no surprise that many plumbers use the hacksaw so that they can clean blocked drains and sewers cleared fast.


  • Borescope


The borescope is an innovative technology that provides the plumbers with a new way to see the damages in pipelines and sewers where one cannot reach.

This device features flexible cables with cameras connected with smartphones. With the help of a borescope, even you can watch damages in specific plumbing issues.

At last, the secret is unveiled now. Drain cutter, cutter, hacksaw, goggles and much more, are essential tools used by a plumber.

Even if you call yourself a knowledge seeker, you will find this article interesting because you can learn about the most useful tools of plumbers.

With the help of these tools, no doubt even you can clean any blocked drains and sewers cleared fast, if you have enough expertise. Keep in mind if you are planning to buy these tools, try to get top-quality tools so that you will feel discouraged. 

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