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Tips To Prepare Your Garden For The Spring


Tips To Prepare Your Garden For The Spring

Now that the winter months are nearly over you will notice that your garden is starting to rise from its winter slumber. So naturally, now is the time to start thinking about and planning for the spring and summer.

To bring your garden back to its full glory after a little neglect, there are some key jobs that you need to do. Starting just before spring hits, will make your life easier and allow your garden to flourish as spring takes hold.

Clean And Repair

Now that you are in late winter to the start of spring, now is the time to give everything a little clean and spruce up the decking or patio, and complete any repairs before the garden fully becomes alive and blooms.

If you are a gardening enthusiast or just want your garden to look tidy, as healthy as it can be,  and maintained you will want to start off by removing all winter debris, dirt, and old leaves away. Once removed you can then bring your surface back to its original glory by jetting it down with your pressure washer.

However, the cleaning doesn’t stop there. Cleaning the dirt away from your pots will bring back their vibrancy. Another essential job along with the cleaning is sharpening your garden tools ready for the months ahead.

If your fences or trellis are looking worse for wear. Now is the time to repair and paint or stain them. Don’t leave this job too late, it is much easier to complete when you aren’t contending with scrubs and flowers.


Many plants and trees benefit from annual pruning and Tree Care this time of year. The key when it comes to pruning is not to do it too late into spring when the regrowth has started. Not only does pruning allow you to maintain the plant’s height and overall shape, but when done regularly it encourages the plant to generate new growth, produce more flowers, and overall be healthier.

Show Your Lawn Some Love

The standard of your lawn makes a huge difference to how your garden will look as the summer months commence. Looking at it now, it mostly looks a little worse for wear. Take the time to give it the love and attention it needs and it will repay you.

The first cut is vital. Before you get your lawnmower out, you want to make sure the grass is mostly dry and isn’t covered by lingering frost. If you are too eager and mow it too soon you can set yourself up for more work in the future.

Assuming the conditions are good, you will want to set your lawnmower to the highest cutting height setting. Although you may be keen to trim it right down, that is a mistake. To keep your lawn healthy you will want to bring down the height setting gradually until your lawn is at the perfect length. Then all you have to do is tidy up the edges and it is done.

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