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Preparing A Space For Renovation

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Preparing A Space For Renovation

Before a big renovation occurs, whether you’re converting a basement or you’re building an extension onto your kitchen, quite a bit of prep work needs to occur. And to help make sure that you’ve got everything squared away before the builders come in in the morning, we’ve got a little checklist below of the most important jobs to do right now. It’s not an extensive list by any means, but you’ll definitely want to keep these things in mind above all else!

Portable Storage is Key

Before you pack everything up in bags or boxes, make sure you think about the flexibility aspect. Namely, it’s much better to have portable storage (such as box units with wheels) to use than simply carry containers – it’ll make keeping items out of the way much easier in the long run. 

Because not only can you pack up neatly and quickly, but you can unpack in a similar manner, and also ensure you can move from room to room without any extra effort on your part. It’s great for saving your back and legs, especially if you already have trouble with them. 

Get Big Jobs Out of the Way

If you’re going to renovate a typically awkward part of your home, there’s going to be some jobs you’ll need to do first to prepare it. Namely, if you’re going to be converting the loft or the basement, or you want to build a conservatory and your garden is famous for being wet and muddy, you can’t just renovate without any worries. 

As a further example, for the basement alone you’re going to have to insulate, against both hot and cold and against water too. It’s why you’ll need to get in touch with a company that provides the Best Basement Waterproofing, to check just how doable your plans for renovation are from the offset. Mostly, don’t move too fast! 

Don’t Forget About Your Needs

Finally, try not to make your renovation an inconvenience in your own life! Try to factor in how you’ll still need to use the house, and what your day-to-day responsibilities are. You’ve still got to live in your home, even with work being done, and you wouldn’t want the noisy drilling and hammering to start before 8 am, would you? 

Similarly, for another example, if you’re renovating the kitchen you’ll want to move the fridge into the living room to ensure you still have access to food, especially if you’ve got kids to feed before taking them to school. All in all, think ahead about how you could keep your life easy, and if worse comes to worst, you’ll have to book into a hotel for a little while! 

If you’ve got renovation plans in the future, make sure you’re preparing for the right, and that your home is ready for such a change. Don’t forget about your lifestyle needs, and always make sure it’s easy to unpack your items once the builders are done! 

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