Helga, from Missouri, wants a new look for her guest bathroom, so she took the first step and removed the shower doors and frame to prepare for a makeover.

Now, a yellow line remains on the acrylic bathtub. The stain is just where the bottom of the shower doors used to be.

She’s tried a number of solutions to remove the stain — including scrubbing it with acetone, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and toilet bowl cleaner.

However, nothing has worked and Helga is stuck with a stubborn stain.

Now, Helga was successful in removing the caulk around the old shower door frame — Goo Gone did the trick.

But when it comes to that yellow residue, she’s wondering at this point if anything will work.

And that’s why she called into the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show: to see if there’s some magical formula to finally remove the yellow line from her acrylic bathtub.

Cleaning an Acrylic Bathtub

Since Helga used acetone and it didn’t damage the tub or take off its gel coat, we say she can try pretty much anything else.

We remove a lot of shower doors and see this kind of residue all the time, so we do have some ideas that may remove the stain once and for all.

One method we’ve had success with is a mixture of oxygen bleach and hot water —  Helga can create a paste from these ingredients and spread it on that unsightly yellow line.

Then, all she has to do is wait 10 minutes and scrub it off the acrylic bathtub.

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