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How To Find a Restumping Contractor Near You?

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How To Find a Restumping Contractor Near You?

How To Find a Restumping Contractor Near You?

Homes that are being supported by wooden posts are referred to as stumps. Over time, these stumps become worn, damaged, or rotten. The erosion of the home’s structural support can cause damage to the walls, floors & foundation. Restumping is the procedure of removing these damaged old stumps & replacing them with new support stumps.

The restumping procedure is completed in five major steps. Firstly, the home is prepared for work, to begin with. Secondly, the house is lifted to expose the old stumps. The restumping company will then dig the required holes to set the new posts. These support posts are usually set in concrete. After all the posts are set, the house is then lowered into its foundation & the area of work is cleaned in an appropriate manner.

There are various signs to tell you when to opt for restumping like you notice that your house’s foundation is shifting of your plant to renovate your house from scratch then you should hire a professional restumping expert to examine your house’s foundation & determine if the restumping procedure is necessary.

With multiple contractors in the market, it becomes a little tough to pick the best of the lot. Hence in this article, we bring to you some tips to help you find the right restumping expert.

Choosing the perfect restumping company:

  • When you’re planning a huge restumping of your house, this is crucial that you choose to work with the best and experienced company from your area.
  • You should locate the most potential companies by conducting some research on the web. You need to look at how long the company is doing business in the market and what number of homes they have already repaired successfully.
  • You need to ensure that they are licensed & insured to conduct the work of restumping
  • You need to ensure to go through all the details of the contract before signing the same.

Asking the right questions to a restumping contractor before selecting them: 

Before signing a contract with a restumping contractor, you need to be sure about the work scope. To ensure the same, you need to ask the contractor the following questions:

  • Are all stumps in your house going to be replaced? – this will help you understand how big or small the entire work is
  • Will the level of the floor be of the existing height or would it be higher? – this will help you understand will be there in changes to the height of the foundation of the house
  • Are the replacement processes of damaged/rotten bearers & joists included in the given price quote? – This will help you understand if you have paid anything over and above the total cost quoted.
  • Is there any nature of internal damage likely during the procedure of restumping? – this will help you understand if the restumping work is absolutely safe for your house
  • Is the leveling of floors guaranteed if you opt for their services? – this is will help you understand that in case of any issue after the completion of work will the company re-work on the restumping or do you need to pay them again

The significance of asking the right questions to the restumping contractor:

Restumping is a tough task that majorly requires the best engineers & workers for analyzing, removing & restumping, or even reblocking a particular home. Asking relevant questions to the shortlisted restumping contractor can considerably help you in finding the right company that has the ability to do the desired job right. Whether this is reblocking just a few blocks or replacing just one blown-out stump made of concrete, the right questions can specifically help you in finding people who would complete the task effectively and quickly. Most crucially, these questions would help find a company that effectively meets your budget and ensures that you can be able to restump without digging a big hole in your pocket.


The restumping procedure is one of the most used processes when a house renovation is undertaken. Choosing the best restumping contractor is very crucial to get the work done successfully.

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