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5 Smart Storage Ideas For Kids` Bedroom



5 Smart Storage Ideas For Kids` Bedroom

Do you need storage solutions to clean the room of your children? Don’t leave this page, then, because we have just the solution you want.

Here, indeed, you’ll find smart storage tips to make your kids’ bedroom neat and stylish, but, above all, clutter-free!

Indeed, we all know that kids are the joy of life. They fill our days with their liveliness.

However, sometimes, their childish behavior can bring small disasters in our homes, especially when kids are still little and when you are run out of space to store the stuff of your children. 

If you haven’t helpful storage ideas to clean the room of your kids, you’ll be forced to pick up all of the objects and toys they have tossed amid bed and floor during their games. 

Children are also used to stash their things under the bed, but without a proper box, this habit is not hygienic for them and not even for you.

It is also very important that kids learn cleaning their bedroom early, and storage solutions can be very helpful to accustom them to store their toys alone and without being forced. This theory has also been revealed in The New York Times. 

That is why we suggest that you follow our tips about several smart ways of kids’ toy storage and not only.

In the following paragraphs, in fact, you’ll find very smart storage ideas for the bedroom of your children, namely:

  • containers, 
  • boxes, 
  • bins, 
  • shelves, and much more!

 Storage Containers

Storage containers are the easiest way to stash the stuff of your kids, especially bedding and clothes, but even toys. It is a classic storage solution that allows you to decorate your kids’ room as you or they want. 

Traditional storage containers are the bedside tables placed alongside the bed. They usually complete kids’ bedroom furniture. In this case, storage containers have only a couple of drawers.

Some models can also have an open shelve on the base. The latter is helpful to stash books. Larger storage containers have more drawers and can be used as a dresser. 

 Storage Bins

Storage bins are the best creative way to store the toys of your children. They are usually cheap and made with several shapes, sizes, and colors.

They can be open and with a lid. Usually, they are made of plastic and are perfect for stashing all the mountains of toys your guys collected when they were babies. 

Store the new toys in the open bins and the old ones in the bins with lid. Storage bins allow you to retrieve further space while your children are still little.

After the removal of toys, indeed, the floor gets free to house even a colored baby activity mat

 Storage Unit

If you need further storage solutions, you could think of using a storage unit. Usually, that is a decor item that’s very helpful to stash toys, clothes and all of the devices that your kids start using when they grow up. 

A storage unit often consists of multiple storage containers and boxes that you can place in the room in accordance with your personal style or the style of the same room. 

Wooden storage units can give a vintage style to a room, but there are also different materials and colors.

With this type of furniture you can set up a home library where your children can easily stash their school books. 

 Storage Shelves

Storage shelves are a modern and vintage solution at the same time. You can place shelves everywhere you want in the bedroom of your kids. Shelves allow you to create bedroom furniture by yourself. 

Just buy simple panels at your store and nail them on the wall, over the bedside tables. This way, you’ll get a further stashing unit to place books that your kids can easily take and read.

Storage Boxes


Storage boxes are a stylish idea to store the objects your kids start collecting when they get older. We refer to jewels and trinkets.

For this type of item, storage boxes can have small sizes and be placed on the same storage shelves we mentioned in the paragraph above.

Larger boxes, instead, can be placed under the bed to store plush puppets and further unused stuff. There are also padded models with a lid that can be also used as small armchairs. 


As you can see, obtaining a clean kid bedroom is not so challenging. Yes, managing our mischievous kids can be hard, sometimes, but it takes little to find the right storage solution and make their room clean and cozy.

Our ideas about storage for kids’ bedrooms are simple, easy and not expensive. Try them and let us know what your favorite is!

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