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Three Home Repairs That Absolutely Can’t Wait

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Three Home Repairs That Absolutely Can’t Wait

Every home has them, somewhere. Likely, even the multi-million dollar mansions owned by the ultra-rich have an example or two. It’s more than possible that you have some you don’t even think about. We’re talking about those quick-fix repairs that happen in households when something goes wrong, and you don’t have the time to put it right immediately.

It could be a bowl under the sink to catch a leak from a pipe. It could be a laundry basket artfully placed to cover up a frayed carpet. It could be anything. The truth is that there are some repairs that can wait, and it’s easy to let them persist. What we need to be sure of is that when a repair is really needed, it happens.

Below are three examples of repairs that can’t wait – if these develop in your home, be sure to get them seen immediately.

Gas leaks

If you can smell gas around your home, there really is no case for waiting and seeing how it develops. Indeed, with most home fuel gas, the precise reason for that smell is that it has been added to ensure that people can notice when it leaks. Leaking gas can cause severe illness in people and pets, up to and including death. If gas builds up and is exposed to a naked flame, it could cause an explosion. So if you can smell gas in your home, you need to call someone. It could literally be a situation of life and death.

Damaged pipework

Pipes are designed to bring water and fuel into the home and to remove wastewater and other liquids out. You’ll know soon if one is damaged, because water will build up in the affected area, and there’s a decent chance there’ll also be a smell to deal with. You could also have secondary damage, particularly if water has got among the electrics or has left you in need of a ceiling repair service. There are some cases in which this can be a DIY repair – assuming you have the parts and tools – but if it’s in a hard-to-reach area, call a plumber.

Broken windows

It is not unheard of for people, after a storm or an accident, to patch up a broken window for the time being – using saran wrap, cardboard, tape, or some amalgam of those and other materials. It is, however, a very bad idea. For one thing, creating a weakness in the part that divides the inside from the outside can structurally weaken parts of your home. For another, it can make you vulnerable – to burglars, to the elements, or anything/anyone else trying to get in.

And if your security is breached and it can be traced back to this weakness, insurance will be unlikely to cover it. If you have a broken window in your home, it’s always best to get it repaired immediately.

Sometimes it may seem easier to live with a problem for the moment, but if there is a repair that needs to happen in your home, it’s always better to get it out of the way, especially in the above cases.

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