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10 Tiny Master Bathroom Design Tips



10 Tiny Master Bathroom Design Tips

Let’s immediately dispel a myth.

If you are a serial devourer of Pinterest and Instagram and you have a phone full of screenshots of all types of bathrooms existing on the world architecture scene, you could still be the victim of a block of ideas when it comes to defining yours.

There are many houses, perhaps more than I can imagine, that have a single bathroom.

Let’s start from the origins, that is, from when homo sapiens had to build the first hut.

First of all he considered its function.Don’t take risks. A bathroom is primarily a bathroom.So it is better to arrange the elements that characterize it well.

If you are struggling with a renovation, you should write down the things that do not work in the old environment and consequently improve them.

Now we can have fun making our little dream bathroom.

1 – Create an entrance to the room
If we are undecided on where to place your bathroom, we advise you to insert it to the right or left of the bedroom entrance in order to create a small initial hallway.

This will allow you to have a space which is free of clutter and it will seem wider!

2 – Mini is better

If your bathroom is small, opt for a one-piece toilet or choose a toilet bidet that will leave more space for a nice large shower, such as one of the beautiful frameless glass showers you can see at Glass, for instance. 

But don’t stop at the facilities! This is the reason for all the furnishings, choose picture holder shelves instead of classic shelves or small boxes, such as CD holders, to store objects.

3 – Password: light!
Often you have the opportunity to make a bathroom with a window,

but this is not always the case and it does not mean that we cannot bring some light in ourselves! Just choose one of the walls of our bathroom to be made of glass blocks in order to let in natural light.

We do not have to make the entire wall glazed, even a portion will be sufficient. If, on the other hand, glass is not for you, we recommend you opt for halogen lamps that will recreate the effect of natural light with a click.

4 – Lift!
A very used trick to visually expand the space is to lift the furniture off the ground, in this way you will have the feeling of a larger space, it will also be easier to keep the bathroom clean!

5 – Mirror mirror…

You can position a mirror close to a light source to increase the brightness of your bathroom area, but the easiest way to increase the space is to reflect it: just insert a large full-length mirror in your bathroom, and you’re done. 

If you want professionals to handle the installation, Gatsby Glass in Omaha, Nebraska is the best in the business.

6 – Coordination
Choose a palette, and use it for the whole environment. In this way the eye will perceive the environment as a large and spacious place.

It is also useful to choose the same floor or same color pallet for both the bedroom and the bathroom flooring, a little trick that will make your bathroom much more spacious.

7 – Creativity and reuse
Real treasures are often hidden in our cellars!  Add some antiques from your cellar to update the look of your bathroom.

You can add perfume bottles, vintage pictures, etc to give the bathroom a fresh look.

8 – The details are important
Decorate your bathroom with care and attention, the smaller a place, the more comfortable and functional it must be.

9 – Take advantage of flaws
If you don’t want to opt for a small toilet, remember that you can always move the bathtub in the room! It is often a choice that derives from the desire to give a touch of luxury to the environment .

You can do it too, and nobody will think that you did it for reasons of space!

10 – Private wellness
Private wellness is truly a field in which to invest. With a few moves and the right accessories you can create a small wellness area in the bathroom of your room.

Just insert a shower head inside the shower, preferably with chromotherapy, and your small spa will be ready.


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