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Top 9 Simple Craft Ideas for Beginners 2021


Top 9 Simple Craft Ideas for Beginners 2021

Just as kids, adults also can get to enjoy the fun of arts and crafts. Art and craft are satisfying, and anyone can adopt them as a hobby to break the monotony and for relaxation. You can also channel your creativity, express emotions through arts and crafts, and even go retail if you have extra spare parts.

Crafting can produce fantastic outcomes that can serve as gifts, home décor, or even party decor. The good thing about crafts is that you do not have to enroll in a school to learn. You can learn how to make pieces of art from the comfort of your home without much struggle. 

The era of buying artwork from the stores is no more. As a novice, here are ideas on what you can work on and come up with a masterpiece. 

The Colorful Paper Chain Wall-hanging

This idea is long in existence, and perhaps, with a good memory, you may remember it from your childhood. However, you may have to be a little more innovative at this level by blending colors, and the final product will leave you agape. Preferably, you can use bright colors such as pink and yellow for your piece to turn out trailblazing.

The Colorful Coupe Cocktail Glasses

If you have an upcoming cocktail party and would love to leave your guests admiring what they hold in their hands and perhaps come for an extra drink voluntarily, this is the ideal project to undertake. All you need is some scrap adhesive vinyl and inexpensive glass. Be careful not to stick vinyl at the tip of glass as this may, to some extent, impede taking the contents in the glass.

DIY Lavender Soap

Is it your friend’s birthday and you cannot find something to give? Worry not. You can make your friend a handmade, thoughtful gift of lavender soap. The supplies you need for this project are dried lavender, lavender oil, shaper, and silicone soap molds. The out-turn will be lovely, decadent, and gift-worthy and will leave a smile on your friend’s face.

Graphic String Art

Using eye-catching embroidery threads of various colors, you can design a graphic string with any message of your choice. You can hang that visual string art on the walls of your home using hot melt glue sticks. 

This piece will introduce an ombre effect on the walls of your home and amaze everyone who visits and leaves wondering where you acquired such a fantastic piece of art!

DIY Hanging Shelf

Get your drill, a piece of poplar wood, and macramé cording to start working on your DIY hanging shelf, which is a piece of the ideal furniture for the hallway, bathroom, and even the bedroom.

You can add creativity by incorporating more color to the work of wood for it not to look like any bare piece of wood. When drilling, be careful not to hurt yourself by marking where you want to drill. 

Floral Butterfly Frame

Wooden frames can be pretty annoying when they start aging. However, you can breathe life into these pieces by applying a thin paint coat. After that, embellish the painted frame with cheap feather butterflies and faux flowers. 

Thanks to their bright appearance and upbeat vibe, they make the perfect gift that you can give to anyone or even retain it in your home alternatively.

Nesting Desk Organizer

You can make your customized desk organizer keep things on your desk aesthetically pleasing. Transform that idle wooden tray in your home into something not only artistic but also functional and serving.

No-sew Rag Quilt

If you desire to make a homey quilt but usually experience hardship sewing, this is the project to undertake. Wisely choosing your fabrics, you can customize your quilt to fit your needs. 

For a novice, it would help if you seek inspiration from already made quilts to boost your creativity and hence come up with a spectacular and unique piece.

Simple Yarn Garlands

In the early stage of your venture in art and craft, you may want to consider yarn garlands as they are easy to make and take but a few minutes. For your yarn garland project to turn out exceptionally well, you may have to acquire a tape measure and use it to cut a bundle of yarns of the same size, and you are good to go!

With the above incredible ideas, your leisure time will be full of functional activities. You can make a point of trying to make each of these artistic works each time you are off your routine. 

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