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5 Top Tips for Adding Some Flair to Your Garden this Spring


5 Top Tips for Adding Some Flair to Your Garden this Spring

There’s no doubt it’s still chilly out there. But a new season has a way of creeping up on you. So get ahead of it and begin to think about adding some flair to your garden this Spring.

Jazz Up Your Work Area

If you do any pottering in your garden, you know how muddy it can be. And you don’t really want to be tracking everything in and out of your home. Instead, you need a designated area for working. You also need to think about the safe storage of dangerous equipment like shears and power tools.

A storage box might be adequate for a beginner, but as you do more and more work, custom built sheds begin to look a little more attractive. A shed not only provides a secure place for your tools but gives you somewhere to prepare your plants without making a mess.

Consider a Little Rewilding

The destruction of habitats and climate change are causing havoc with once-thriving ecosystems. But you can help restore your local wildlife with rewilding. It’s an eco-friendly approach to local conservation. Essentially, you designate an area of your land and let it flourish with no interference. This means you don’t prune, landscape, or plant anything. Instead, the aim is to let your land come back to its natural state and therefore attract plant and animal life that should be there. Weeds, perennials, bugs, and fauna included.

How About Some Sitting Space

When you spend time in the garden, you want to enjoy it. And not just when your hands are dirty. There’s nothing quite like a hot Summer or warm Spring, with a cold drink and the scent of flowers and herbs in the air. But you may not have a relaxing place to sit and enjoy your labor. Patios and decking are trendy these days, and they don’t cost the earth for a professional installation. So you can enjoy relaxing long days in your backyard oasis. Additionally, you can add up to 10% to the value of your home if you decide to sell.

Water is Always Nice

The trickle of water is one of the most relaxing sounds known to man. If you are lucky enough to have a stream on your land, you understand how amazing this is. Unfortunately, however, most of us don’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful and harmonizing water feature.

You can easily make water features at home, from a simple sprinkler in a pond to a small waterfall. And if you have a specific theme, such as a zen garden, spherical and other contemporary water fountains can be found at almost every good DIY store and garden center.

Gram It Up

Like most people, you are probably on at least one social media site. Probably Facebook. But Instagram is excellent for imagery, and it’s helping plants flourish. One survey found that 13% of visitors to the Royal Botanical Gardens in the UK were influenced by Instagram, and it’s a fantastic dedication to flowers and plant life. There’s a healthy appetite for floral imagery, plants in various growth stages, and creative tips and ideas for plants. So, share your expertise with people looking for some fantastic inspiration. You could even buy Instagram likes to give your posts the best chance of being seen by those who could really benefit from your tips.


Spring is almost here, and now is a great time to think about what to do. Work areas may need a little TLC, and relaxing space with a water feature would be great. Then show it off on Insta.

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