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Guide For Buying The Under Sink Water Heaters



Guide For Buying The Under Sink Water Heaters

The Under-sink water heaters are compact and efficient and take up little space under your sink. Under sink water heaters are not the replacements of the traditional water heaters; instead, they work in tandem with the central heaters.

They are designed to provide you with instant hot water for sink purposes, such as the washing of hands and dishes.

What Advantages Does An Under The Sink Water Heater Provide?

There are several significant advantages that you get when you use an under sink water heater along with your central water heater.

  • Instant Hot Water: One of the key drawbacks of your central heater is the time it takes to provide hot water. This can be avoided by using an under-sink water heater, as it provides the hot water immediately.
  • Less Energy Usage: Since with this type of compact heaters, you get hot water immediately when required, the energy consumption due to hearing purposes is much less. This lowers your overall energy consumption and helps you make a greener decision.
  • Small In Size: The entire unit is very small and compact. It can be easily installed in small spaces such as under the sink, allowing you to make more use of the small spaces.
  • Safer Water: Since they do not involve large storage tanks or long pipelines for delivery, the water supplied through under sink water heaters is comparatively much cleaner and has fewer chances of being contaminated.
  • Multi-Purpose: Unlike central heaters, which are used only in your home’s, the under sink water heater can also be used in mobile homes such as an RV. This makes it multi-purpose and more efficient for the quick supply of hot water.

Types Of Under Sink Water Heaters

Before you decide which type of under sink water heater you want to install, it is best to know the different types of water heaters that are available in the market.

The Tank-Less Type:

The tank-less type of under sink water heater uses a point to point delivery system that does not rely on any form of a storage tank. They are the smallest type in terms of size and fit easily under the sink.

They provide instant hot water from your tap as soon as you switch it on. They can also come with temperature adjustment systems, which allow you to determine which temperature you want your water to be.

They are also, in general, the most energy-conserving type.

The Type of Tank:

This type of heater comes with a storage tank, which is still a lot smaller in size compared to those used by full-sized water heaters. Each tank can, on average, hold anywhere between 2-3 gallons of water.

They require a small amount of time before providing you with warm water, and they generally consume more energy than the tank-less type.

Things to Keep In Mind While Selecting An Under-Sink Water Heater

Multiple factors can go into influencing your decision to pick up a particular type of best under sink water heater. These have been discussed below:

  • What Size Water Heater Do You Want: While choosing which water heater to pick, size is one of the most important influencing factors. This mainly involves the space available near your sink for the installation of the unit. If your sink is located in a space where there is not much room to fit a water heater, your best option is to go with a tank-less type of under sink water heater.

    On the other hand, if you have enough space available, you can choose between both the tank-less and the tank type depending upon your preference and the other factors in this list.

  • What Voltage Water Heater Do You Want: Different types of under sink water heaters use different amounts of power, i.e., voltage. It is prudent to first find out the voltage capacity of your home before deciding what type of heater you want to pick.

    The voltage demands of different models can range from as low as 120 volts to as high as 240 volts. But in general, tank-less type of under sink water heater uses less power, while the tank type uses more power.

  • How Much Hot Water Do You Need: Since the under sink type of water heaters supply hot water directly to your sink, the water demand is a determining factor in choosing the type of heater you want.

    If you are a part of a large family that uses large quantities of water in the sink, it is better to go with a tank type of water heater.

    Alternatively, for smaller families with less water demand, the tank-less type is the best option for meeting the hot water needs.

  • The Geographical Location You Are In: The amount of heating that your under-sink water heater has to do is directly proportional to the temperature at which the water is flowing in the pipeline.

    Now, the temperature of the incoming water varies with the geographical location. For example, any place that is located at a higher altitude or away from the equator is likely to have lower temperatures than a place located at the sea level, near the equator.

    So if your incoming water is colder, it is best to get a high powered under-sink water heater, whereas it is best to go with a less powerful option if the incoming water is already near the temperature you want it to be.

Warm water for our sinks is something that we all require daily. It serves multiple purposes in the household, such as cleaning utensils and washing hands, among others.

They are multi-purpose, easy to use, highly energy-efficient, and provide hot water almost immediately. This makes them a great option for your homes.

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can be assured to pick the best suited under sink water heater for your home.

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