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8 Creative Ideas to Use Cardboards for Room Decoration


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8 Creative Ideas to Use Cardboards for Room Decoration

Let’s say the moving truck from your real estate agent just got your stuff down. And the holidays are coming and your birthday is near.

Not to mention you also made a bunch of online purchases this month. Do you know what it means?

A big stack of cardboard boxes.

Cardboards might be one of the most common everyday items found around your house as it can easily pile up in the corner.

The easiest way to get rid of them is to break them down and take it to your local recycling center.

But, before you throw them off, do you know that you can get more creative and have some fun with that old cardboard?

You can make stunning DIY handcrafts for organizations and any other useful or beautiful things, from art to even furniture that can make your room prettier.

In this post, we’ll dive into some creative, handy ways to repurpose old cardboard boxes for room decoration.

Below are some ideas you turn the “trash” into treasure. Whether you’re a cardboard craft novice or looking for something to challenge your creative skills, you can try them effortlessly. 

So, let’s the fun begin!

1. Hexagon Wall Art

Hexagon wall art is one of the simplest yet elegant home decor. You can always design it based on your own style and budget.

Since you have cardboards, it means that you can create an eco-friendly, light version of hexagon wall art without breaking your bank account. 

You can make it as 2D flat hexagons or wall shelves. And use your favorite color or choose a color that matches your wall well.

2. Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirrors have a classic style for any decor. As the name suggests, you’ll also need a circle mirror to put it in the center or wherever side you like. 

To give the front of the mirror some extra bling, you can use tiny tiles from your craft supplies and attach it with hot glue.

It makes a very light sunburst mirror you can easily move it around to find the right spot to put it.

3. Letter Garland

You can create a message and hang it on a garland with that old cardboard. This letter garland is probably a great idea if you have a party coming up soon.

If you don’t feel confident in your handwriting, you can print out each letter and use them as a template to cut out your cardboard letters.

Next, tape each of them to some scrap cardboard and cut it out with a cutter or X-Acto knife.

4. Geometric Cardboard Lamp

Cardboards can also be used for creating a fancy lamp like this geometric cardboard lamp. This would be stunning decor for your room. You can put it on your bedside table.

However, the process might be quite complicated and takes time, but it’s fun. You need to make pentagons from those cardboards and join them together. After that, cut all of these pieces by hand.

5. Cardboard Cactus

DIY cactus crafts never prick you. Now you can easily have one of these trendy craft using your cardboard boxes.

These faux plant crafts are elegant enough to appeal to adults and incredibly easy to make even for kids.

Basically, you need to cut out the cardboard cactus pieces. Paint them with the green color or any color you want.

To make it 3D, you can cut slits in the top and bottom of the cardboard, and the cactus will fit together like a puzzle with the slits connecting them.

6. Decorative Wall Letters

Brighten an empty wall in your room with affordable and easy decor ideas using cardboard letters. Just like a letter garland, except you don’t hang them, you stick them on your wall instead.

You can get creative with those letters. It means that you can make them metal or sequin, add some tiles, gems, glitters, buttons, brads, and more.

7. Wall Clock

A cardboard wall clock can add a touch of elegance and creativity to your room. It’s a quick and easy project to make, utilizing very little money and only a few supplies.

You can make the clock shape based on your own liking– circle, square, or even butterfly! Then, you’ll need a clock mechanism and might as well spray paint to make the wall clock more stylish and look less-cardboardy.

8. Christmas Wreath

Crafting wreaths from your old cardboard boxes is such a great idea for the Christmas holiday season. It’s a fun way to spruce up your door or wall.

You can do this fun project with your family and loved ones. So, you can use cardboard for the backing and attach some pine sprigs and some other materials (like ribbon, ball ornaments, yarns, etc.) from your craft supplies to make it more Christmasy.

Wrapping Up: Your Turn

The cardboard box is one of the most versatile materials for making crafts. Not just crafts, though, they’re eco-friendly and non-toxic crafts.

Those cardboard DIY ideas above are fantastic ways to personalize your interior decorating with handmade room decorations.

With those ideas, now you can make your room prettier without burning a hole in your pocket.

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