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A Basic Guide to Implement a Virtual Home Staging Photos in the Designing Process


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A Basic Guide to Implement a Virtual Home Staging Photos in the Designing Process

When buying a new home the first thing to do after the buying process is completely finished and all the documentation is taken care of, is designing the interior and exterior.

Even if you have a precise picture in your mind of what it is that you want to put in the rooms, you need to have it on a picture.

This way you will be able to see whether all the furniture sizes are appropriate for the room and whether the pieces are in alignment.

Also, you can check what’s in your head matches the reality of how beautiful it looks.

 Virtual Home Staging

For that purpose, you need to virtually stage your rooms. This is a highly efficient way which enables you to transform your thoughts and ideas in a digital representation of the possible designs.

Usually, the virtual home staging is done by a virtual staging stager or you can do it yourself at home with online virtual staging tools if you know your way around photoshopping software. 

 If you prefer letting professionals deal with it, here are the basic steps of what you need to do. 

First, you take photos of the empty rooms you want digitally transformed. It is best if the space is empty because less work will be done and the photos will be finished faster.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to throw off the remaining furniture in order to take the photos, because the virtual stagers can declutter the place digitally as well.

The most important thing is for the photos to be of high quality and taken from different angles. 

 Then, you contact the virtual stager and send them the photos of the rooms while stating your wishes of a design.

You can share your ideas regarding the design and ask them to use furniture pieces of a particular interior design style.

For example, you can say I want my living room to be staged in a Scandinavian design where the white colour will be the main tone of the room.

Or, you can say that you want your room staged in a traditional design where massive wooden elements will be the focus. 

 Once you make a deal on the interior design, you can ask for an external view as well.

The virtual stager will transform the boring outside of the house into a luxurious setting by changing the whole lighting conditions as it was taken at twilight.

This is called virtual twilight and it is usually used by real estate agents who want the houses they are selling to immediately catch the attention of the potential buyers, and it is no wonder that it actually works very well. 

 By having your house’s exterior transformed with virtual twilight you get an idea what to do with the curb appeal. Also, you will see clearly what needs to be improved both for functionality and visual appeal. 

 Once you have discussed all the details with the stager, you let them finish the job.

After several days (depending on the agent’s policy) you will receive your photos of your home where the rooms are completely furnished and the decorative details are carefully chosen.

You will clearly see whether the preferred design and type of furniture works for you and whether you will proceed with designing it like in the photos. I

f you don’t like how it all comes up, you can look for another inspiration. 

 DIY Digital Home Staging 

The second option, as mentioned above, is to do the digital transformation on your own, provided that you already have some knowledge about editing software.

There are tools on the internet that you can use to finish the job, but you might not be able to choose the exact pieces of furniture you have imagined to include.

This is because usually, these tools/programs offer a limited number of furniture pieces in a limited number of different designs, colours and patterns.

Be as it is, you can still see whether a particular interior design works for you and your home.

It all comes down to your taste and, of course, the budget you have prepared to spend on the furnishing and other improvements. 

 The Bottom Line

Home staging is not only for the real estate agents to use as a way of showing the potential of the home they are selling.

It is also a way of testing the waters before doing the redecoration, or the designing of a new home.

It gives a perspective into the future plan and helps you out with planning the steps to achieve it. 


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